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photos of wild animals of ARGENTINA
Equipo fotográfico / Photo Equipment

Esta página lista el equipo fotográfico que he utilizado para tomar las fotos de fauna de este sitio.
This page lists the photo equipment that I have used to take the pictures shown in this site.

Fecha / Date
Equipo / Equipment
Lentes / Lenses
November 2010...
Began using GLH30 (x30 Wide) eyepiece from Vixen
Soon to use a Red Dot alignment
Spare battery for P6000

September 2009...

Digiscoping / Videoscoping setup B
(Also used sparingly, with better results)

Photos marked with DS2
- Scope: Vixen Geoma II ED 67 Angled, "stay-on" case removed to use peephole & to allow rotation
- Eyepiece: GLH20 (x20 Wide) (Vixen P/N 1834-01) *
- Camera to scope adaptor: home-made from PBC plastic tubing
- Camera: Nikon P6000 compact camera + ML-L3 Infrared remote control
(13.5 Mpixel, 33 Mpix/ x 4 zoom, 28-112 mm / F2.7 - F5.9)
- Cable Release Bracket (Vixen P/N 39191-2) with short cable release
- SRB-Griturn LCD shade adapter & magnifier + home-made Velcro
- Tripod: Manfrotto 190XB w/ 700RC2 video head
- Car window mount Manfrotto 243 w/ 484RC2 ball head
* Note: better order GLH20D, designed for digiscoping keeps better focus to edges.

Added Vivitar 285 HV flash for use with Lumix FZ30  

Digiscoping setup A
(Used sparingly, with fairly good results occasionally)
Photos marked with DS
- Scope: Vixen Geoma II ED 67 A (Angled), w/case
- Eyepiece: GLH20 (x20 Wide) (Vixen P/N 1834-01) *
- Cable Release Bracket (Vixen P/N 39191-2) with short cable release
- Digital Camera Quick Bracket, (Vixen P/N 39192-9), swivels camera to eyepiece
- Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS (8 Mpixel, F 4.9 at x3 zoom, 32 Mpixels /
- Tripod: Manfrotto 728B
* Note: better order GLH20D, for digiscoping holds focus better to edge FOV.

Other parts which I do not yet have, and which I think would be very helpful, if not essential:
- Fine Adjustment Unit (Vixen P/N3562-01) should really speed up aiming on the subject.
- Car Window Mount (Vixen P/N 1814-07)

Note: I selected Vixen solely based on an indepenent review of spotting scopes in Living Bird magazine. Click here to read the review. I also have the GLH-48 zoom eyepiece, now shelved since it is not convenient for digiscoping. The scope is excellent, but I have yet to test the digiscoping setup properly. (January 2009)
Sample photos taken with this setup: Jabiru - White-tailed Hawk - Firewood-gatherer


Panasonic Lumix FZ30
Digtial. 8MPixels, zoom x12 (equiv. 36-420 mm) F2.8 / 3.7, Image stabilizer. Extended optical zoom:
@ 5Mpixels: x15.3 (= 535 mm) ,
@ 3Mpixels: x19.1 (= 668 mm)

Canon EOS 3000
+ Scanner Canon CanoScan FB 630P
Canon zoom 38-76mm F4.5-5.6
Vivitar zoom 100-300 F5.6/6.7
Canon AV-1
Canon 24mm F2.8
Canon 50mm F1.8
Tamron zoom 80-210mm F3.8-4.0

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